So, here’s the deal:  I never in a million years thought I’d one day be so knee deep in mom-ness that I’d actually have my entire life and career revolve around it, but alas here we are.  After receiving my education at the greatest university in the universe, The University of Texas, and sowing some wild oats in Austin and New York City, I found myself back in Denver, with a degree in fine arts, an apartment downtown, and no f*ing idea what I was “doing” with my life.  Attempting to get away from the service industry, I took a job managing a golf academy (I know, random) and met who would become the love of my life and the wild boys’ daddy, Billy.
Bill and I were quickly domesticated and expecting a little human of our own and setting off to an unknown land of parenthood with me still not in a career, and him supporting us as a Golf Pro, but what the hell – no time like the present, huh?
After our first baby I really struggled.  I realized I had no idea what I was doing, my own amazing, kind, loving, and supportive mama seemed to have amnesia from when she had her first baby and I was like, whuh?  How can this be so hard and how come there is no one to go to for support.  Soon after, I discovered there were miracle dream fairy like ladies called Postpartum Doulas who’s actual job it was to support a mama, like me, or any mama, after she’s had a baby and feels overwhelmed, exhausted, and like she doesn’t know what to do next.
Inspired by the work of supporting other women, I became a postpartum doula myself and soon thereafter a labor doula.  I had actually finally found something I knew made a difference in the world, where I was helping other people, and work that fulfilled me.  Soon after my mama (read all the accolades above) and I purchased an amazing “green” baby store on Old South Pearl Street and ran the small shop together until after the birth of my second not-so-easy child, and we decided it was time to move on.  Landing a job in corporate retail I soon realized I had once again lost what I was loving about my work, and that was working with women during their postpartum journey.
Luckily for me, through my earthy-birthy world connections I was told about this amazing duo of women opening a resource center and they needed help with the retail component.  Armed with my background in the service industry and doula work, as well as experience with small and large scale retail management, it was a match made in heaven and six and a half years later – here we are!  The mama ‘hood is truly a place I am proud of.  My business partners are exceptional women and my life-partner is a supportive husband, great dad, and pretty much all around ridiculous human being.
Humor and honesty are things I find can often go hand in hand and I hope sharing this messy, hilarious, difficult, and fascinating journey with all of you out there in ether-land will make you laugh, feel connected, and know that you are in no way alone.